Revolutionary Leadership: the 3 shifts you need to leap your business into the new paradigm 

A five day private podcast series coming September 13th to help you take your business from hustle culture to revolutionary profits.

Tired of doing what everyone and their mama says works to the nth degree...and having it:

 A. Feel gross and icky?
 B. Add insult to the wound by not even helping your business grow?

Yeah, I thought so.  
The tides have shifted - the old ways DON'T work anymore. (Whew!)

 It’s time to grow your business based on the energy + trauma considerate foundations of the new paradigm.  

Let's spend five days stepping into the Revolutionary Leader Framework - and out of the hustle culture of the old paradigm.



Why Revolutionary Leadership can shift (and grow) your business

One of the questions I tell my clients that their audience is often asking is "What's in it for me?" - and if you're wondering why new paradigm leadership is good for both you AND your clients, you're in luck - we'll be spending the first day talking all about it!


Trauma Compassionate Actions + What That Looks Like

Wouldn't it be great if you could grow your business without traumatizing and triggering your community? Unfortunately...that's not what many of us are taught.

In this episode, we'll be chatting about how to dissolve the patterns of trauma in your business, and to bring compassionate actions into your marketing, sales, and facilitation processes instead.


Transformation First

If we're not focusing on our audience's pain points and triggers, (you know, everything we've been told to focus on for sales!) what are we focusing on? Connection and transformation.

In this episode, we'll be chatting about how putting transformation first leads to deeper connections with your audience + more profits for you


What's alignment got to do with it? 

Alignment gets talked about a lot in business - but there's critical areas of it in leadership. It's not as simple as solely looking into what's aligned for you, but also the balance of what's aligned for your clients - and how your business can support them through it. 

We'll explore where misalignment could be holding you (and your clients) back.


Stepping Into Revolutionary Leadership

Ready to embrace this paradigm shift fully?

We'll be putting all the magic together here with tangible + actionable steps you can easily take to help take your business from hustle culture to revolutionary profits.

Ready for the new paradigm?

Meet your host: Kristen Jett

I'm here to help you discover what does work - and change the industry.

I'm a Quantum Strategist, Mentor, and Marketing Consultant with about 20 years of experience helping people scale their businesses . I specialize in understanding the unique blueprint of your DNA to help you take your business to the next level.  

Anyone can create a marketing strategy. Not everyone can map a strategy to your specific energy, or lead you through shifting your cellular energy in the quantum heartspace for sustainable transformation that actually sticks.  

I work exclusively with visionaries and leaders who are looking to connect deeper with clients, create bigger transformations + more impact and ripples in the world around them.  

Before shifting to work with conscious entrepreneurs, I spent over fifteen years creating + facilitating million dollar marketing strategy, sales funnels, and launch campaigns for companies whose names you hear everyday.  

The new paradigm called me - I hope it's calling you.